Date/TimePresenterAffiliationTime (min)TypePaper Title
Day 1
11:18 am to 12:48 pmAbhijit SenInstitute for Plasma Research, India30InvitedCharacteristics and Applications of Nonlinear Fore-Wake Excitations from moving Charged Objects in Space Plasmas
Kunihiro KeikaUniversity of Tokyo30InvitedTransport and Energization of Ionospheric Ions in Earth’s Magnetotail: Recent Multi-spacecraft Observations
Zhen CaoInst. of High Energy Phys., China30InvitedLHAASO Experiment and Its First Results
2:00 pm to 3:30 pmBo LiShandong University30InvitedSeismological Applications of Sausage Waves for inferring the Physical Parameters in Solar Coronal Structures
Takaaki YokoyamaUniversity of Tokyo30InvitedMagnetic Reconnection Model of Flares, Eruptions and Jets in the Solar Atmosphere
Shu-ichiro InutsukaNagoya University30InvitedStar Formation and Magnetohydrodynamic Outflows and Jets
4:00 pm to 5:30 pmAlbert K. H. KongNat. Tsing Hua University30InvitedObserving High-energy Emissions from Pulsars and close Binaries
Kouichi HirotaniAcademia Sinica30InvitedVery High-Energy Emission from the Direct Vicinity of Rapidly Rotating Black Holes
Qingmin ZhangChinese Academy of Science15OralFine Structures in Coronal Jets
Day 2
11:18 am to 12:48 pmAlexandre Lazarian Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison30InvitedIntimate Connection of Astrophysical Magnetic Reconnection and Turbulence
Siyao XuUniv. of Wisconsin-Madison30InvitedTurbulent Dynamo in a Weakly Ionized Medium
Satoshi OkuzumiTokyo Institute of Technology30InvitedThe Non-linear Ohm’s Law: How Plasma Heating changes the Ionization Balance and MHD in Protoplanetary Disks
2:00 pm to 3:30 pmNimardeep KaurGuru Nanak Dev University30InvitedIon Acoustic Breathers and Freak Waves in a Magnetized Quantum Plasma with Density Effects of Spin of Degenerate Electrons
Ramprasad PrajapatiGuru Ghasidas Central University15OralRayleigh-Taylor Instability and Internal Waves in Strongly Coupled Quantum Plasma
Shweta JainUjjain Engineering College, Ujjain15OralRadiative Condensation Instability of Dusty Plasma with Ionization and Recombination
Tanvir Islam RajibJahangirnagar Univ.15OralShear Alfven Waves in Magnetized Pair Plasmas
4:00 pm to 5:30 pmRyo YamazakiAoyama Gakuin University30InvitedShock Waves in Astrophysical and Laboratory Plasmas (tentative)
Masahiro HoshinoUniversity of Tokyo30InvitedIon and Electron Heating and their Energy Partition during Magnetic Reconnection
Yosuke MatsumotoChiba University15OralStochastic Electron Accelerations in High-Mach-Number Collision-less Shocks
Ryoji MatsumotoChiba University15OralRadiation Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations of Intermittent Ejection of Jets during Hard-toSoft State Transition in Black Hole Accretion Flows
Day 3
11:18 am to 12:48 pmTomoya TaklwakiNat. Astronomical Observatory, Japan30InvitedCharacters and Roles of Hydrodynamic Instabilities that appear in Core-collapse Supernovae
Ke-Jung ChenAcademia Sinica 30InvitedMagnetar-powered Supernovae
Archana PatidarUjjain Engineering College, India15OralJeans Instability with Dissipative Effects in Neutrino Self-Gravitating Plasma
Hasan Abu KassimUniversity of Malaya15OralNeutrino Energy Loss in Progenitors of Pair Instability Supernovae
2:00 pm to 3:30 pmKenji TomaTohoku University30InvitedRecent topics in High Energy Astrophysics
Ken OhsugaTsukuba University30InvitedRadiation Hydrodynamic/Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations of Super-Eddington Accretion Flows and Outflows
Mami MachidaKyushu University15OralMagnetic Energy Dissipation by Small Scale Turbulence in Accretion Disks
Taichi IgarashiChiba University15OralRadiation Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations of Changing Look AGNs