Day/TimePresenterAffiliationTime (min)TypePaper Title
Day 1
2:00pm to 3:30pmYing LuChinese Academy of Science30InvitedHigh Precision Single Molecular Spectroscopic Rulers at Biointerfaces
Tae-Young YoonSeoul Natl University30InvitedWatching Single Helical Membrance Proteins Fold
Ja Yil LeeUlsan Nat. Inst. of Sci. & Technol.30InvitedDNA Damage Search Mechanism using Single-Molecule Imaging
4:00pm to 5:45pmPik-Yin LaiNational Central University, Taiwan30InvitedComplex Dynamics in Cardiac tissues under periodic stretching: Experiment and Theory
Cheol-Min GhimUlsan Nat. Inst. of Sci. & Technol.30InvitedTBC
Wenfei LiNanjing University30InvitedDynamic Energy Landscape and Frustation in the Enzymatic Cycle
Yu-Ra ChoKorea Inst. of Radiological & Medical Sciences15OralDevelopment and Optimization Studies of a New 3D Polyurethane Base Dosimeter
Day 3
11:48am to 12:48pmFu-Jen KaoNational Yang-Ming University30InvitedPump-probe Microscopy with Stimulated Emission
Kyoung Jin LeeKorea University30InvitedEncoding Information into the Network of Bursting Neurons
Jong-Bong LeePOSTECH30InvitedFormation Mechanism of Intercellular Nanotubes Connecting Distant Cells: How Cells Kiss?
2:00pm to 3:30pmHajin KimUlsan Nat. Inst. of Sci. & Technol.30InvitedStudy of Chromatin Dynamics through Live Visualization of Chromosomal Domains
Ming LiChinese Academy of Sciences30InvitedNanotensioner-Enhanced FRET for Single-Molecule Structural Dynamics
Hui-Wen KoayOsaka University15OralConceptual Study of a Compact Accelerator-Based Multi-Port BNCT (AB-mBNCT) System
Chi-Keung ChanAcademia Sinica15OralAnticipative Dynamics of Retina Ganglion Cells
4:00pm to 5:30pmAkihiko Nakamura Institute for Molecular Science30InvitedTBC
Junhua YuanUniversity of Sci. & Technol. of China30InvitedTBC
Lei ZhangXi’an Jiao Tong University30InvitedTBC
Day 4
11:48am to 12:48pmNam Ki LeeSeoul National University30InvitedSingle-Protein Tracking for Direct Observation of Transcription in a Living Cell
Yuichi TaniguchiRIKEN Biosytems Dynamics Res.30InvitedNucleosome-level 3D Organization of The Genome
Kyoung Jin LeeKorea University30InvitedEncoding Information into the Network of Bursting Neurons
2:00pm to 3:45pm
Than Quoc An HaInstitute of Appl. Mater. Sci., Vietnam15OralEffect of Plasma Activated Water (PAW) on the Germination of Coffee Seed (Coffea Canephora)
Samson Damilola OluwafemiUniversiti Sains Malaysia15OralDetermination of Mass Attenuation Coefficient and Effective Atomic Number of Rhizophora Hizophora SPP. Particleboards cured with Soy Protein Concentrate Adhesive enhanced by Addition of NaOH/IA-PAE Resin in the 16.59-25.26 keV Photon Energy Range
Saumen SahaJadavpur University15OralMultispectroscopic and Theoretical Approaches to study the Interaction of Membrane Protein KMP-11 and its Mutants with Ionic Liquid Choline Dihydrogen Phosphate
Tika Ram LamichhaneTribhuvan University, Nepal15OralTThiocyanate-induced Conformational Changes on Thyroid Hormone Receptor-Beta by Model Ligand-T2SCN Interactions
Bello OlaseniUniversiti Technologi Malaysia15OralAnalytic Estimation of the Anatomical Data for Malaysian Radiation Adult Phantom