Day/TimePresenterAffiliationTime (min)TypePaper Title
Day 1Session Chair:
11:18pm to 12:48pmBeom Jun KimSungkyunkwan University30InvitedStudy of Synchronous Clapping of Crowd via Modified Kuramoto Model
Masaki SasaiNagoya University30InvitedProtein Clock: How Chemical Free Energy is Used for Synchronization
Hang-Hyun JoAPCTP, Korea30InvitedAnalytically Solvable Autocorrelation Function for Correlated Interevent Times
Session Chair:
2:00pm to 3:30pmJun-Wei LuoChinese Academy of Sciences30InvitedTheory for Silicon-based Light Emitting
Pilkyung MoonNYU Shanghai30InvitedQuasicrystalline Twisted Bilayer Graphene
Noejung ParkUlsan National Inst. of Sci. & Technol.30InvitedTime-dependent density functional theory calculations of spin-phonon dynamics and band topology of solids
Day 2Session Chair:
2:00pm to 3:30pmJejoong YooInst. of Basic Sci., Pohang30InvitedUnifying the biological and physical landscapes of DNA mechanics
Hyoung Joon ChoiYonsei University30InvitedEffect of Surface Doping on Electron Correlation in FeSe Layer
Suklyun HongSejong University30InvitedTBC
4:00pm to 5:30pmYuanchang LiBeijing Institute of Technology30InvitedExcitonic Insulator from First-principles
Yong-Koon KimKAIST30InvitedMulti-space Constrained-search Density Functional Calculations of Currents, Local Chemical Potentials, and Forces in Nanoscale Junctions
Shelawati TiansinUniversiti Putra Malaysia15OralEffects of Step Potentials on Confinement Strength of Type-I and Type-II Core-Shell Quantum Dots
Nadhira HarisUniversiti Putra Malaysia15OralA Note on Deformed Ladder Operators for Noncommutative Morse Oscillator
Day 4
11:18pm to 12:48pmAra GoInst. for Basic Science, Daejeon30InvitedComputational Signatures of the Kitaev Spin Liquid in α-RuCl3
P. BalasubramaniamGandhigram Rural Institute., India30InvitedNoise Analysis of Band Pass Filters using Fractional Stochastic Electronic Circuits
Mohd Zahurin Mohamed KamaliUniversity of Malaya15OralOn the Thermodynamics Properties of One-Dimensional Transverse-Field Quantum Ising Model with Random Coupling
Sameen Ahmed KhanDhofar University15OralQuantum Charged Particle Beam Optics
2:00pm to 3:30pmSweeCheng LimMalaysia Institute of Physics30InvitedSome Generalisations of Tempered Fractional Brownian Motion
Christopher G. JesudasonCenter for Theor. Phys. and Chemistry Department30InvitedHeat Conduction along a 1-D Lattice Chain and Description by Single and Multiple Particle Representation Theory
Mohd Zahurin Mohamed KamaliUniversity of Malaya15OralOn the Thermodynamics Properties of One-Dimensional Transverse-Field Quantum Ising Model with Random Coupling
Nu’man Badrud’dinInternational Islamic University Malaysia 15OralRedefining the Self-Organizing Map Boundary for High Energy Physics
4:00pm to 5:30pmHishamuddin ZainuddinUniversiti Putra Malaysia30InvitedMathematical Routes to Quantum Theory and Related Problems
Buang-Ann TayUniv. of Nottingham Malaysia 30InvitedGeneral Symmetry in Density Matrix Space – An Example of Two-Level System
Melody Tan Shi-Ai HELP University, Malaysia15OralDegree Distribution of the Stargate and Star Trek Series Networks
Yei-Shan LiangUniversiti Putra Malaysia15OralEigen Decomposition of Directed and Undirected Networks
PosterChinmay DasGovernment General Degree College at Kushmandi, India 15OralAmplitude Modulation and Soliton Formation of an Intense Laser Beam Interacting with Dense Quantum Plasma: Homotopy Analysis