PresenterAffiliationTime (min)TypePaper Title
Kazuhiro TanakaKEK/J-PARC/ANPhA30InvitedMajor Acceleration Facilities for Nuclear Physics in Asia Pacific
Weiping LiuChina Institute of Atomic Energy30InvitedCurrent Progress of Nuclear Physics Research and Facilities in China
Seung-Woo HongSungkyunkwan Univ. 30InvitedRAON: Rare isotope Accelerator complex for ON-line experiments
Chiho NonakaNagoya University25InvitedBulk Properties of QCD Matter in High-Energy Heavy-Ion Collisions
Taku GunjiUniversity of Tokyo25InvitedRecent Results in Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collisions with the ALICE Experiment at the CERN LHC
Soyeon ChoInha University20OralTwo-particle Correlation via Bremsstrahlung
Jin-Hee YoonInha University20OralTwo particle Correlations of ATLAS Data on pp@13 TeV using the Momentum Kick Model
Pieter DoornenbalRiken Nishina Center25InvitedStructure of Exotic Calcium and Nickel Isotopes
Takashi NakamuraTokyo Institute of Technology25InvitedExploration of Neutron Drop Line Nuclei at RIBF
Shin’ichiro MichimasaUniversity of Tokyo20OralExperimental Study of Neutron Shell Gap in Calcium-54
Frank BrowneRIKEN Nishina Center20OralDetailed Level Structure of the Doubly Magic 54Ca from Knockout Reactions
Derek LeinweberUniversity of Adelaide25InvitedStructure of Low-Lying Baryon Resonances from Lattice QCD
Masashi KanetaTohoku University25InvitedStatus of Experiment for Lambda-Neutron Interaction Measurement via Final-State Interaction in Gamma-Deuteron Reaction
Aye Aye MinUniversity of computer Sci., Myanmar20OralEffective /-/ Interaction in He 6
Khin Swe MyintUniversity of Mandalay20OralDeducing of Λ(1405) Pole Position from CLAS Data
Bing GuoChina Institute of Atomic Energy30InvitedJinping Underground Nuclear Astrophysics (JUNA) project
Gregory LaneAustralian National University30InvitedSABRE and the Stawell Underground Physics Laboratory
Byungsik HongKorea University30InvitedStatus of Large Acceptance Multi-Purpose Spectrometer (LAMPS) at RAON
Tibor KibediAustralian National University30InvitedElectric Monopole Transitions and Shape Co-Existence from Precision Electron-Positron Pair Spectroscopy
Shinsuke OTAUniversity of Tokyo20OralResearch of Isoscalar Giant Monopole Resonances using Gaseous Active Target
Makoto ItoKansai University20OralMonopole and Dipole Transitions in Heavy Nuclei Induced by Alpha Cluster Structures
Lai Hnin PhyuD2, Hokkaido University20OralCoulomb Screening Effect for 3-α System
Hiroari MiyatakeWako Nuclear Science Center, IPNS, KEK25InvitedKISS Project
Kevin Insik HahnEwha Womans University25InvitedNuclear Astrophysics Experiments at KoBRA and Y2L in Korea
Kyungyuk ChaeSungkyunkwan University20OralThe Astrophysical 24Mg(a,p)27Al Reaction Study
Dahee KimKorea University, Ewha Womans University20OralStudy of the 19Ne Structure using a Radioactive 15O Beam
Anthony ThomasUniversity of Adelade25InvitedNuclear Structure Starting at the Quark Level
Sanjay Kumar ChamoliUniversity of Delhi20OralExploring Nuclear Collectivity at Low Spins in 167Lu Nucleus
Andrew E. StuchberyAustralian National University25InvitedMagnetic Moments as a Window on the Emergence of Nuclear Collectivity
Yuichi IchikawaRIKEN Nishina Center20OralNuclear-moment Measurements of Exotic Nuclei using Spin-oriented RI Beams at RIBF
Shinya SawadaHigh Energy Accelerator Res. Org. (KEK)25InvitedJ-PARC – Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex
Mar Mar HtayMyanmar Institute of Information Technology20OralTheoretical Study on O^16(K^-,p)K^–C^15
Thida WintMandalay University of Distance Education20OralMesonic Weak Decay Spectrum of Hypertriton LAMBDA_H^3
Yasuhiro SakemiUniversity of Tokyo25InvitedFundamental Physics with Cold Radioactive Atoms
Hooi-Jin OngRCNP, Osaka University25InvitedNuclear Physics Research at RCNP, Osaka University
Meng-Hock KOHUniversiti Teknologi Malaysia25InvitedImpact of Nuclear Tensor Force on Properties of Well-deformed Nuclei within a Mean-field Approach
Phaik-Yong ChanRCNP, Osaka University20OralProbing the Effects of Tensor Interactions in Atomic Nuclei via (p,dp) Reaction
Yuen-Sim NeohRCNP, Osaka University 20OralMicroscopic Effective Reaction Theory and the Role of High Momentum Components in Deutron-induced Reactions
Kimiko SekiguchiTohoku University25InvitedThree-Nucleon Force Effects in Three- and Four-Nucleon Scattering
Wataru HoriuchiHokkaido University25InvitedComplete Evaluation of the Glauber Amplitude for Proton-Nucleus Inelastic Scattering
Nguyen Nhu LeUniv. of Education, Hue Univ., Vietnam20OralWavefunctions: from Phenomenological to Microscopic Approaches
Takatsugu IshikawaTohoku University20OralLow-energy Scattering Parameters between the Omega Meson and Nucleon from Photo-production of the Omega Meson on the Proton near the threshold
Susumu ShimouraUniversity of Tokyo25InvitedSlowing-Down Beam Line at RIKEN RIBF — OEDO
Naoki FukudaRIKEN Nishina Center25InvitedObservation of New Isotopes at RIKEN RI Beam Factory
Pilsoo LEEKorea Atomic Energy Research Institute20OralRecent Progress on the Development of Li-8 Radioactive Ion Beam based on 100-MeV Proton Linear Accelerator at KOMAC
EunJin InSungkyunkwan university20OralStudy of Nuclear Mass Table in deformed Relativistic Continuum Hartree-Bogoliubov Theory
Toshimi SudaTohoku University25InvitedElectron Scattering for Proton Radius and Charge Distributions of Exotic Nuclei
Toshiyuki GogamiKyoto University25InvitedPrecise Measurement of Lambda Hypernuclei with Electromagnetic Probe
Issam A. QattanKhalifa University of Science and Technology20OralNew Extraction of the of e± Elastic Scattering Cross-Section Ratio Based on Phenomenological Two-Photon Exchange Corrections
Kyo TsukadaTohoku University20OralPresent Status of SCRIT Electron Scattering Facility
Cedric SimenelAustralian National University30InvitedOn the Origin of Asymmetric Fission
Satoshi ChibaTokyo Institute of Technology20OralDeformation of Fission Fragments at Scission studied by 4D Langevin Model
Mrutunjaya BhuyanUniversity of Malaya20OralAnatomy of Neck Configuration in Fission State of Cm and Cf
MARK DENNIS USANGMalaysia Nuclear Agency 20OralCalculation of Superheavy Fission Observables using Langevin Equation
Chengjian LinChina Institute of Atomic Energy30InvitedReaction and Decay Studies with Exotic Nuclei
Ms. Gurjit KaurThapar Inst. of Engin. and Technol., India20OralSynthesis of Z=120 Superheavy Nucleus using 64Ni+238U Reaction
Faiznur OthmanUniversiti Teknologi Malaysia20OralCapture Strength of Ordinary Muon Capture on NATMO and 100MO
Seyoung HanEwha Womans University20OralThe New Baseline Subtraction for the Small Systems Flow Analysis
Susan SipaunMalaysia Nuclear AgencyPosterExamination of Voids and Rebar in Concrete Structures using Pprtable Table Gamma Ray Tomography Scanner
Siddharth ParashariMaharaja Sayajirao Univ. of Baroda PosterRecent Results Based on the Uncertainty Propagation of Nuclear Data for Reactor Applications
Auwalu Baballe Bauchi State Univ., NIGERIAPosterEstimation of Total Annual Effective Dose from Radon Concentration in Groundwater in Gadau District, Nigeria
Mohd Faiz Bin Mohd ZinMalaysia Nuclear AgencyPosterMonte Carlo Simulations of Electron Trajectories through Titanium Foil into Air for 250 keV Low-Energy Electron Beam using PHITS
Muhamad Noor Izwan Bin IshakMalaysia Nuclear AgencyPosterAnalysis of Image Magnification in X-Ray Computed Tomography
Leo kwee wahMalaysia Nuclear AgencyPosterESCORT: Energy Sweep Compact Rapid Cycling Hadron Therapy
BASHIR GIDE Muhammad Umaru Musa Yar’Adua Univ., NIGERIAPosterRadiation Protection Issues in the Nigerian Environment
Mohd Fitri Abdul RahmanMalaysian Institute of PhysicsPosterData Extraction by Reverse Imaging for X-ray Computed Tomography
Andrew E. StuchberyAustralian National UniversityPosterNuclear Physics at Australia’s Heavy Ion Accelerator Facility
Makoto ItoKansai UniversityPosterCoulomb Shift in Mirror Cluster Systems