Program Schedule

14th APPC2019 Tentative Timetable

Sunday Nov. 17, 2019 Monday Nov. 18, 2019 Tuesday Nov. 19, 2019 Wednesday Nov. 20, 2019 Thursday Nov. 21, 2019 Friday Nov 22, 2019
  Opening (8:30-9:00) Plenary Sessions (8.30-11:00) Plenary Sessions (8.30-11:00) Plenary Sessions (8.30-11:00)   Free Day
  Plenary Sessions (9:00-11:00) Plenary Sessions (8.30-11:00) Plenary Sessions  (8.30 -11.00) Plenary Sessions (8.30-11:00)    
  Break (11:00-11:15) Break (11:00-11:15) Break (11:00-11:15) Break (11:00-11:15)  
  Parallel Sessions (11:15-12:45) Parallel Sessions (11:15-12:45) Parallel Sessions (11:15-12:45) Parallel Sessions (11:15-12:45)  
  Lunch (12:45-14:00) Lunch (12:45-14:00) Lunch (12:45-14:00) Lunch (12:45-14:00)   Check out
  Parallel Sessions (14:00-15:30) Parallel Sessions (14:00-15:30) Parallel Sessions (14:00-15:30) Parallel Sessions (14:00-15:30)  
Registration of Participants Break (15:30-16:00) Break (15:30-16:00) Break (15:30-16:00) Break (15:30-16:00)  
Registration of Participants Parallel Sessions (16:00-17:30) Parallel Sessions (16:00-17:30) Parallel Sessions (16:00-17:30) Parallel Sessions (16:00-17:30)  
Registration of Participants Poster Session (17:30-19:00) Poster Session (17:30-19:00) Poster Session (17:30-19:00) Closing (17:40-18:00)  
Welcome reception (18:00-19:00)     Banquet & Award Ceremony (19:00-22:00)    
  • Registration on 17th November 2019 will be held at Hilton Kuching
  • Registration from 18th November will be at the Borneo Convention Centre Kuching


Division of Plasma Physics

A+ B Sessions

First Name Surname Title
Michael Keidar Adaptive plasmas for biomedicine
Alejandro Alvarez Laguna Hybrid modeling of the anomalous transport inside Hall thrusters
Deepak Subedi Dielectric Barrier Discharge with transparent  electrodes
He-Ping Li Research Progress on the Characterization and Modulation of High-Pressure Gas Discharge Plasmas (for AAPPS-DPP2019) AND Cold Atmospheric Plasmas: Physical Properties, Characteristics Modulations and Bio-Medical Applications (for APPC-14)
XinPei Lu On the physics of repeatability of atmospheric pressure plasma jet (for AAPPS-DPP2019) AND Helix Streamers (for APPC-14)
Rajdeep Singh RAWAT Tuning high energy density pulsed plasma device for industrial applications
Ke Yao Resonant electron ion recombinations: reliable atomic data for high temperature plasmas
Amar Prasad Misra Stimulated scattering  in relativistic plasmas
Nareshpal Singh Saini Interaction of solitons and shocks in  dusty  plasmas
Modhuchandra Laishram A dusty plasma model for characteristics of vortices in Jupiter’s atmosphere
Divya Singh Novel Radiation Sources based on Laser Plasma Interaction
Masafumi Ito Promotion of bio-ethanol production using atmospheric-pressure plasmas
Mineo Hiramatsu Plasma Processing for Graphene-Based Materials
Atsushi Okamoto Ion collision effect in collisional radiative processes in magnetized plasma
Hiroshi Hashizume Effects of plasma treatment on plant cultivation
Miran Mozetič, Cold intensive UV plasma source for sterilization of heat-sensitive materials
Magdaleno Vasquez Jr. Development of Plasma Sources for the Modification of Materials
R. Mohan Sankaran Reactive plasmas for materials and chemical conversion at low temperatures
Uros Cvelbar Plasma grown carbon nanostructures and their hybrids
Janez Zavasnik In-situ observations of nanoparticle synthesis and reactions with ionic liquids
Heman Bhuyan Investigation on hybrid RF and laser plasma and its application in thin film deposition
Smruti Ranjan Mohanty Basics of inertial electrostatic confinement fusion and its applications
Mohan Jacob Vertical Graphene grown using Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition: Methods and Applications
Tsun-Hsu Chang TM waveguide modes for gyrotron backward-wave oscillators
Hongbin Ding Development of laser-based wall diagnostic approach for fusion devices


SA + SG Sessions

First Name Surname Title
Bertrand LEMBEGE Analysis of macro/micro-turbulence within quasi perpendicular supercritical collisionless shocks via numerical simulations
Alexandre Lazarian Intimate Connection of Astrophysical Magnetic Reconnection and Turbulence
Siyao Xu Turbulent dynamo in a weakly ionized medium
Quanming Lu Formation of power law spectra of energetic electrons during coalescence of magnetic islands
Rui Liu Buildup of Magnetic Flux Ropes toward Eruptions in the Solar Corona
Satoshi Okuzumi The non-linear Ohm’s law: how plasma heating changes the ionization balance and MHD in protoplanetary disks
Kenji Toma Recent topics in high-energy astrophysics
Shiyong Huang Observations of Flux Ropes Associated With Magnetic Reconnection in the Earth’s Magnetosphere
RAMPRASAD PRAJAPATI Waves and Instabilities in Dusty Space Plasmas
Bo Li Seismological applications of sausage waves for inferring the physical parameters in solar coronal structures
Qingmin Zhang Fine structures in coronal jets
R. K. Chhajlani Quantum Magnetohydrodynamic (QMHD) Waves and Gravitational Instability in Quantum Plasma
Nimardeep Kaur Ion acoustic breathers and freak waves in a magnetized quantum plasma with density effects of spin of degenerate electrons
Tomoya Takiwaki Characters and roles of hydrodynamic instabilities that appear in core-collapse supernovae
Ryo Yamazaki Shock Waves in Astrophysical and Laboratory Plasmas (tentative)
Ken Ohsuga Radiation Hydrodynamic/Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations of Super-Eddington Accretion Flows and Outflows
Shuta Tanaka Induced Compton Scattering in pulsar magnetospheres and in up-to-date laser facilities
Masahiro Hoshino Energy partition between ion and electron during magnetic reconnection
Kunihiro Keika Transport and Energization of Ionospheric Ions in Earth’s Magnetotail: Recent Multi-Spacecraft Observations
Chin-Fei Lee Unveiling a Magnetized Jet from a Low-Mass Protostar
Ke-Jung Chen Magnetar-powered Supernovae
Kouichi Hirotani Very High-Energy Emission from the Direct Vicinity of Rapidly Rotating Black Holes
Albert K. H. Kong Observing high-energy emissions from pulsars and close Binaries
Zhen Cao LHAASO Experiment and Its First Results


MF Sessions

First Name Surname Title
Matthew Hole The impact of anisotropy on ITER scenarios and ELMs
Richard Sydora Stimulated Excitation of Thermal Waves in Magnetized Plasmas and Use in Thermal Conductivity Measurement
Chen Lin Laser-accelerated Ion-beam Trace Probe (LITP): a New Diagnostics method of 2D profiles of Bp & Er in tokomaks
Hang Si Advanced Power Exhaust Studies: from present EAST/DIII-D to future CFETR tokamak devices
Guoliang XIAO The Mechanism of ELM Mitigation with Different External Source Input on HL-2A Tokamak
Wulyu Zhong Enhancement of Nonlinear Regulation Dynamics by SMBI and Its Role in L-H Transition of Tokamak Plasmas
Baonian Wan Extension of High-performance Steady-state Plasma Regimes on EAST towards Future Fusion Rector
Arun Kumar Sarma Development and characterization of W and W-Ta composite coating for fusion blanket material
Mahmood Ghoranneviss Control of High Energy Radiations of Plasma in IR-T1 Tokamak
Fulvio Auriemma TRANSP predictive modelling for ExB studies in pure D and T H-mode JET plasmas
Mitsuru Kikuchi Advances in physics basis of L-mode edge negative triangularity tokamak reacto
Yuejiang Shi New experimental findings of non-local transport in J-TEXT and KSTA
Jae-Min Kwon Gyrokinetic Simulation Study of Zonal Flow Staircases in a KSTAR L-mode Plasma
Hogun Jhang Influence of ion flow and fluctuations on zonal flow formation in magnetically confined plasmas
Seong Ling Yap Optimization of deuteron beam yield in a low-energy dense plasma focus device
Ahmed Diallo Emerging Picture on the Pedestal Dynamics and Triggering Mechanism of ELMs
Rajesh Maingi Impurity injection for improved fusion plasma performance in tokamaks
A Tamman Progress on Fusion Research in Thailand and Development Plan for Thailand Tokamak 1 (TT1) facility